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Carlo Parente Architecture Inc. is an emerging research-based design practice in Toronto founded by architect and educator Carlo Parente. The firm engages in architecture, interiors, and urban design. The exploration of oppositional forces (old versus new, rural versus urban, public versus private) is a theme that appears throughout its work. Through the design and the execution of projects -- which act as vehicles to express ideas and apply theories -- Carlo Parente Architecture has deepened its engagement with these opposing forces, finding connections between design, human experience, materials, place, and time.

Carlo Parente is a licensed architect and educator who has designed projects in North America, Europe, and Asia. His community-focused work is guided by a holistic approach, which integrates performance-based design, new technologies, theory, and culture. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University, where he teaches studios and core curriculum courses.  
Prior to establishing an independent practice, Parente was a senior designer at leading firms in Chicago and in his native Toronto. He has led the design process for small- and large-scale residential buildings, commercial office towers, master plans, and educational and community-based projects, among other project types.  Parente sits on the executive board of the Chicago Architectural Club, where he formerly served as co-president.


Carlo Parente, Founder and Principal Architect

Jack Hache, Designer
B Arch Sci

Afnan Al-Rashid, Designer
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