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CAC Currencies of Architecture Exhibition

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Currencies of Architecture was a competition, exhibition, and series of events questioning the state of the art of architecture today. A 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial partner program, Currencies celebrated the Chicago Architectural Club's 130th Anniversary. The exhibition featured select drawings and writings from the Chicago Architectural Club's 2015 competition, the Burnham Competition. The competition challenged a new generation of architects and designers to create a single image that explored the question, "What is the state of the art of architecture today?" The exhibition also included a section honoring a local legend, architect Stanley Tigerman. An installation composed of reconfigurable tables became a platform for multiple events throughout the season, including workshops, lectures, and education outreach. Inspired by an iconic Tigerman image called "The Titanic,” the table installation was auctioned to support future programming by the Chicago Architectural Club. Carlo Parente collaborated with Strawn Sierralta to develop the concept and design of the table installation, programming series, and exhibition. Currencies of Architecture was created by the Chicago Architectural Club in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Tigerman McCurry Architects, The Art Institute of Chicago, and with the generous support of AIA Chicago and the Chicago Architecture Biennial.